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Owing to the latest advice from the Government, it has been decided that the Milford & Makeney May Day on May 16th is cancelled.  The Just Ice Book Group is cancelled until further notice and the WI has cancelled its events. We have been informed that all East Midlands in Bloom (EMIB) competitions have been cancelled this year and so Milford & Makeney will not be entering best kept village.


These are difficult, taxing and unprecedented times. If you know of anyone in the village who is elderly or at risk due to underlying medical conditions or those who are self isolating or alone during the coronavirus outbreak, please keep a look out for them and maybe offer to at least do some shopping for them. There are already groups popping up in the village to do just this – Bank Buildings on Chevin Road have set up a Covid 19 WhatsApp group for example. If you know of any other groups being set up, please let us know.


It’s also important we try to keep our spirits up during these difficult times – especially with the pubs closed and social activities outside the home severely restricted. It has been suggested that we in Milford & Makeney could put out our Christmas lights (maybe without the Santas, snowmen and reindeer!) to give some cheer.

The Holly Bush is selling (to take away) craft ales at £2.50 a pint and remaining cask beers at £3.00 a pint from the hatchery in the conservatory – bring your own containers. Finally Blooming Milford managed to plant up a large spring garden in Hopping Mill Meadow just before the social distancing restrictions came in. This should brighten the gloom at this time of year for many years to come. See here for more details.

Here’s a photo to raise the spirits.  Just before the government advice to stay at home, co-webmaster Ashley Franklin went for a walk round the village to capture the daffodils and the spring garden. To see more photos, click here



The New Inn, which re-opened as a restaurant shortly after Angelo’s moved to Duffield, is now closed and on the market again.  The restaurant opened last spring and was well attended early on, also receiving good reviews.  However, in recent months the number of diners had dwindled.




There has been a transformation since the New Year in the green space by the River Derwent in Hopping Mill Meadow. Thanks to the efforts of Amber Valley Borough Council, the Milford Litter Picking Group and The Environment Agency, the overgrown brambles have gone, the grass has been cut, the view to the river restored, the rubbish left from the floods removed and the crumbling river bank strengthened.

Hopping Mill Meadow after Amber Valley Borough Council clearance

For more detail about Amber Valley Borough Council’s clearance of Hopping Mill Meadow see the article here, and for the Milford Litter Picking Groups removal of the flood rubbish, read the article here.

The first 15 litter picking volunteers – within 10 minutes they were joined by another 10


We are pleased to report that Belper Town Council will fund the replacement of the Milford Strutt Arms bus shelter, including having lighting installed.  Thanks to everyone who helped lobby the council.  The photo right shows the old one.


Did Rod ‘Strutt’ his stuff in Milford?

Do you remember live music at the Strutt Arms in the 1960s?  It’s reported that Rod Stewart sang there.  Bryan Bennion has some choice memories of seeing Gary Farr – and even Alan Price of Simon Smith & The Amazing Dancing Bear fame.  Read more here
The King William has a QUIZ NIGHT every Wednesday at 9.00 pm and Live Entertainment at 9.00 pm on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays.  To see this month’s line-up, click here
 Social Club - Milford 001Milford Social Club has fortnightly Live Entertainment on a Saturday and Sunday: All 9 pm start on Saturday and 3 pm on Sunday (unless specified).  Free admission.  



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