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Second lockdown in Milford

In common with the rest of England, Milford entered the second coronavirus lockdown on the 5th November 2020. There have been several Covid 19 infections in the village recently and we obviously need to stay safe and follow the government guidelines. Many of our pubs and cafes are offering a takeaway service during this lockdown though. The Holly Bush is offering a takeaway food service as well as the very popular takeaway drinks service (beer by the the 4 pint flagon) it offered during the first lockdown – see here for details. The Strutt Arms is offering an extensive takeaway food and pizza menu, and is also offering takeaway beer by the litre or 2.5 litre (just over 4 pints) – see here for details. Finally the Just Ice café is offering a delivery service – details here

Green Space for Milford School

October 2020 Update

The project to create a “green space” for the pupils of Milford School, first reported in July, continues apace. A large number of volunteers, working most Sunday mornings since July, has transformed two very overgrown allotments above Holy Trinity Church into something useable. In the last month a new set of steps has been made for easier access, the steep bank on the western side of the plot fenced off, fruit trees ordered, and plans are being made to make the site a community space when it is not being used by the school. For more details, see the October update on the project here.

Hydroelectric power station in Milford is upgraded

Many of you may have noticed the cranes unloading strange looking equipment at the back of the Strutt Arms in September. This is a new hydro-electric turbine being installed by Derwent Hydro, replacing the old one dating from the 1930’s.

New turbine runner for Milford HEP plant being delivered September 2020

For more information on this upgrade, please see the article here.

A New Start for The New Inn

The New Inn has just re-opened – and it’s returned to being a traditional pub, complete with pub grub, snooker table, fruit machine and large-screen TV.  To find out more, click here.

Makeney Hall Hotel

The leisure chain Suite Hospitality which runs Makeney Hall Hotel along with two other hotels, has collapsed leaving workers facing potential job losses.  It is reported that administrators have been brought in.  However, if one clicks on the hotel website, there is a message writ large saying: ‘We are still open.’  

Milford & Makeney adjusts to the ‘New Normal’

The last 3 months have been difficult times for the village. We all will have faced some personal difficulties and some will have to have coped with the loss of loved ones in the most trying of circumstances.

A local resident provided Belper Town Council with this ‘NHS We Thank You’ flag for the Triangle during lockdown

Village social events such as the May Fair were cancelled and the pubs and cafes were closed. Even in the depths of the lockdown there were signs of hope though.  Many streets in the village enthusiastically took part in the Thursday evening 8.00pm “clap for carers” and there were many examples of people helping out those who were having to self isolate. A welcome side effect of this is we have all got to know our neighbours much better, in what was already a close knit village. We also will have realised we are very lucky to live in a village surrounded by such beautiful countryside, which we have had time to explore more than ever before, in some of the most glorious spring weather for years.

Strutt Arms floral display July 2020

Maids of the Mill – Virtual May Day Dance

We may have missed out on May Day but the Maids of the Mill decided that the show must go on and created an ‘isolation lockdown dance’ based on the Speakeasy theme that was originally planned for for this year – “in the hope that it may bring a smile during these stressful times.”   With apologies to the Maids for the late insertion of this video.  It will, though, eventually be lodged on a website page in perpetuity.

Milford slowly returns to life

With the easing of restrictions from the 4th July, many of the pubs and cafes in the village have re-opened, whilst taking great care to minimise the risk of infection and keep their customers and staff safe.  The Strutt Arms (see website here for details) is back open. You can order food in the pub or snacks from the “barbecue shack” in the garden of the Soi Kitchen.   The Strutt has increased the seating outside as shown, and has kept up its floral displays despite lockdown. Meanwhile the Holly Bush (see website) takeaway beer service went on throughout lockdown and proved highly popular. This continues, but in addition tables have now been set out in the car park for a sit down service.

Extra outside seating The Strutt Arms July 2020

Customers enjoying the sit down service outdoors at the Holly Bush July 2020

The Milford Social Club (website here) took the opportunity of the lockdown to completely replace all the roofing slates and upstairs windows and is now also open for business.

Milford Social Club July 2020

The William has used lockdown to repaint their sign and door, and reopened on Saturday 1st August. There may be a booking system installed – please see their Facebook page for details ( It is rumoured that the New Inn, which closed before the pandemic, is going to be reopening on the 1st August too, as a pub rather than a restaurant.

The William – with repainted sign and door – now open 4 pm to 10 pm each day

Finally the Just Ice café (website here) has now reopened for business, offering a takeaway service on Saturdays as well as weekdays.

Strutt Arms Bus Shelter Returns

Without warning over a year ago the old wooden shelter  (picture below) to catch Derby bound buses near The Strutt Arms vanished (taken away by Amber Valley Borough Council) and was feared to have gone forever.
After lobbying by local residents and councillors, a new one was promised (paid for by a combination of Belper Town, Amber Valley Borough and Derbyshire County councils) but its installation was delayed by the lockdown. On Wednesday 15th July 2020 the new shelter finally arrived, complete with lighting, and will be very welcome on rainy days!

Blooming Milford is Back!

Now lockdown is easing, Blooming Milford has re-started its activities, in close collaboration with Belper Town and Amber Valley Borough councils and you should hopefully see evidence of this round the village and in the photos below. Please see the post here for more details.


There has been a transformation since the New Year in the green space by the River Derwent in Hopping Mill Meadow. Thanks to the efforts of Amber Valley Borough Council, the Milford Litter Picking Group and The Environment Agency, the overgrown brambles have gone, the grass has been cut, the view to the river restored, the rubbish left from the floods removed and the crumbling river bank strengthened.

Hopping Mill Meadow after Amber Valley Borough Council clearance

For more detail about Amber Valley Borough Council’s clearance of Hopping Mill Meadow see the article here, and for the Milford Litter Picking Groups removal of the flood rubbish, read the article here.

The first 15 litter picking volunteers – within 10 minutes they were joined by another 10

Did Rod ‘Strutt’ his stuff in Milford?

Do you remember live music at the Strutt Arms in the 1960s?  It’s reported that Rod Stewart sang there.  Bryan Bennion has some choice memories of seeing Gary Farr – and even Alan Price of Simon Smith & The Amazing Dancing Bear fame.  Read more here
The King William has a QUIZ NIGHT every Wednesday at 9.00 pm and Live Entertainment at 9.00 pm on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays.  To see this month’s line-up, click here
 Social Club - Milford 001Milford Social Club has fortnightly Live Entertainment on a Saturday and Sunday: All 9 pm start on Saturday and 3 pm on Sunday (unless specified).  Free admission.  


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