Blooming Milford

Blooming Milford is a volunteer group of residents who strive to make Milford a better place through gardening related activities.  Their funds are mainly obtained from plant sales and in the past they have used these to:

  • Plant 3500 daffodil bulbs and numerous wild flower plugs in the verge by the Strutt Arms on the A6.
  • Set up herb planters and herb gardens for anyone to “pick their own” on both sides of the village (by the Riverside Development and most recently, The Triangle)
  • Plant daffodils, anemones and crocuses at the A6 Vicarage Road entrance at the North end of the village.
  • Plant a swathe of daffodils & crocuses on the verge approaching the south end of the village on the A6.
  • Plant clumps of daffodils, snowdrops & wild flowers in the play area.
  • Plant herbaceous perennials, hyacinths & tulips along the edge of the allotments on the A6.
  • Pursued a programme to control the spread of the invasive weed Himalayan Balsam along the riverbanks.
  • Organised Milford Open Gardens event two years running.
  • Obtained Silver  Medal Award in the East Midlands in Bloom competition.

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