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Village judged for East Midlands in Bloom – Britain in Bloom judging to come

Milford has entered the East Midlands in Bloom (EMIB) competition for many years, and last year (as in 2021) got a Gold award in the village category. So impressed were the EMIB judges last year though, that they have entered the village into the nationwide Britain in Bloom village category for 2024 – a major accolade for the village.

Britain in Bloom banner on Children’s Play Area railings

Everyone in the village was sent a flyer asking for help in the tidy up and a “Big Milford Tidy Up” WhatsApp group was created for the volunteers. The response was fantastic – over 20 people volunteered and every weekday evening 7.30pm-8.30pm they diligently tidied the judging route. East Midlands in Bloom judgement day was on the 10th July and the judges seemed impressed. Whatever, the village is considerably more tidy for us all to enjoy thanks to the efforts of the volunteers.

Volunteers clearing in front of The Social Club

Other places in the village were entered in associated categories too and all put on an excellent show.

Milford Social Club – Best Commercial Premises category

The Old Bike Shop – Best Front Garden category

The Holly Bush – Best Pub category

Britain in Bloom (BIB) Judging is on 7th August and if you’d like to help in the tidy up before the judging and are not already in the “Big Milford Tidy Up” WhatsApp group, please contact David Moreton on 07778 004374 and he’ll add you. More details of this and Blooming Milford’s other activities can be seen in their latest update, here.

Milford House enters into spirit of “In Bloom”

Donna Stanton, senior nurse at the Milford House care home, on hearing that Milford had been entered into the Britain in Bloom competition, was inspired to have Milford House be part of it.

Over three months the large raised bed gardens there were cleared and then planted up with flowers and vegetables, with the help of the residents.

Raised beds at Milford House cleared by April

One of the raised beds by July

For a more detailed report and a video showing the whole garden in all its glory, see here.

Milford Mills Development – July Update

Passers by will have noticed very little activity on the Milford Mills site in the past 6 months. This is because although Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) approved the planning application submitted by the developers of the proposed building of 67 houses on the Milford Mills site, Wavensmere, in December 2023, there were 75 conditions. Going through each condition and providing proof to satisfy AVBC that each has been met is proving to be very slow. This application has had a long and tortured history. This latest iteration was submitted in May 2023 (see here for more details) following completion of an archaeological survey and subsequent remedial work. From May – December 2023 Wavensmere prepared the site for building and put in the infrastructure.

Meanwhile Chevin Homes, the developers of the other part of the site, had had planning permission approved for a building to house Duffield Cricket Club on site. Duffield Cricket Club are now instead going to move into the old “Tumbling Tots” building by the weir in the North Mill complex in Belper.

Finally the Dye House, the old building at the front of the site with a preservation order, was renovated by Chevin Homes over a year ago. A planning application has submitted for the dyehouse –  AVA/2024/0217 and 0218. This is an application for a change of use of the building (with many internal alterations) to a veterinary surgery. This hoped to be a new location for the Riverside Veterinary Practice currently down Goods Road, in Belper. If readers have concerns, they should submit comments to Amber Valley Borough Council here, using the application numbers shown above.

Milford & Makeney May Day celebrations

Another successful and fun filled May Day procession took place in Milford & Makeney on Saturday 11th May 2024. Helped by lovely weather, large crowds gathered at all 3 venues (The Holly Bush, The Elephant & Peacock and Milford School).

For more photos and a more detailed report of the day, see the article here.

A momentous 4 months for Bridge View Allotments

In the past 4 months the Bridge View Allotments association have accepted an offer from the current allotment landowners, The Strutt Estate, to gift the land to the association and turned themselves into a co-op, Bridge View Allotments Ltd. They are at present raising the funds needed for the legal fees for the land transfer, starting with a very successful plants stall at the Belper Plant Market on 12th May.

Meanwhile in April, after 3 months work, they installed a large water collection station which will provide 4000 litres/888 gallons of rainwater for the allotment holders to use.

For more details see the article here and the allotments website here and also details as to how you can contribute to the fund for the legal fees for the land transfer.

Hello Velo!

Come along to the Grand Opening of Milford’s new cycle shop, Velo Bavarian (VB) in the former Co-op/Just Ice building on the A6, on Saturday March 9 10.00 until 4.00. Come for a look round, meet the VB team, Matt, Luke and Jimmy and visiting cycle suppliers. Cycle (and car) park entrance on Foundry Lane.

Matt from Velo Bavarian, Milford

For more photos and the history of Velo Bavarian from when it was first set up in its former home on the A6 in Flaxholme, Duffield, see here.

Milford and Makeney Flower & Produce Show

As a reminder, this will be held on the 14th September 2024 in Milford Social Club. Full details of categories and prizes, plus entry forms, and are now available on the Flower and Produce web page here.



Allotments cleared on Bridge View

The Bridge View Allotment Association has continued its programme, starting last year, of clearing overgrown allotments and offering them to new tenants. 

Two large parties of volunteers have cleared two very overgrown allotments over the 19th and 20th January – for more details and photos see the article here.

Overgrown allotments before clearance

These allotments have now been split into four half allotments, but these have all now been taken. There will be other allotments coming up for rent in the future though, so please e-mail Carol Hawley at if you want to be added to the waiting list. To apply you must live within 5 miles of the former Holy Trinity Church just below the allotments.

Wassailing at the Thistlefields Orchard 14th January

As ever, there was a good turnout, of over 50 people, to the wassailing of the Holly Bush’s Thistlefield Orchard  on the 14th January 2024. See here for more details.


Christmas Star finds new home

The Christmas Star, fabricated by the Milford Craft Group, was displayed on The Triangle in 2021 and The Baptist Church in 2022. This year it has been erected on the Greenspace by the Craft volunteers and the Forest School children. The Greenspace will be its final home.

The Greenspace also had its annual Christmas gathering on the 17th December at 2pm, with mince pies, children’s crafts & hot chocolate, with a great turnout (see report here).

Christmas wreath workshop a great success

The Christmas Wreath Workshop, now in it’s second year, held at Milford Baptist Church on the afternoon of 1st December, was another great success with over 50 people attending.  Generous donations raised £200 for Hope for Belper.

BBC Radio 2’s Vernon Kay runs through Milford for Children In Need

As part of his challenge to run the 115 miles from Leicester to his home town Bolton in just 4 days (see here for details) in order to raise funds for Children In Need, BBC Radio 2 DJ Vernon Kay ran through Milford on his second day. Crowds gathered on the A6 at 9.45am on the 15th November 2023 and at 9.55 Vernon, and his entourage of well wishers running along with him, went past and then sped up Chevin Road. The picture below (from the Derby Evening Telegraph) is as he passed Milford School on Chevin Road.

The video below was taken as he went past Bank Buildings.

He was remarkably chipper at the time, but this was the longest day of the four, at 40 miles, and he was considerably more tired when he arrived at Hope in the evening. For more pictures of his day, see the Derby Evening Telegraph article here.

Big Milford Bulb Plant 11th November 2023

After a mail drop round the village, many volunteers turned up on a beautiful sunny day to plant up the front bed of The Triangle community garden on the junction of the A6 and Chevin Road with 2200 bulbs. These should give a beautiful display all year round. See here for a much more detailed report.

Volunteers planting 2200 bulbs at the front of The Triangle, November 2022

This is Blooming Milford’s biggest project this year. For more details of what Blooming Milford has been up to since July, see their latest update, here.

Milford Community Greenspace – November update

Since our last report in July we have completed The Peace Garden, made plans for a new water collection facility and had very successful Apple Day and Bonfire Night events on the site.

Greenspace bonfire event 5th November

Forest Schools continue to be run on the site and the regular Monday volunteers continue to diligently do their planting, harvesting, chicken care, weeding, composting, laying of chip bark paths and tidying to keep the Greenspace shipshape and welcoming for the users. For the full update since July, see the article here.

Floods hit Milford again

For the third time in 4 years, on 21st October 2023 the Derwent burst its banks in Milford, after 33 hours and 5.4″ (137 mm) of rain. In comparison to the previous recent floods the flood levels were not quite as high – this time Duffield and Belper suffered more – but the A6 between Moscow Farm and Milford was closed by floodwater for some time and there was considerable disruption for many.

A6 closed by floods between Milford and Moscow Farm

Floods at Mart’s Meadow allotments

For more photos, see here.

Clean sweep for Milford – Four Gold awards in the East Midlands in Bloom competition

As in 2021 and 2022 Milford entered the East Midlands in Bloom (EMIB) competition this year and was judged on Wednesday 5th July. 

Milford Social Club July 2023

War Memorial, steam cleaned, tidied and with planters from Belper Town Council

The Old Bike Shop, A6

For a more detailed write up of the efforts of Blooming Milford, Belper Town Council and local residents in getting the village ready for the 5th July, see here. For a write up of Blooming Milford’s other activities in the village since October 2022 see here.

We finally found out how Milford had done in the competition in the EMIB award ceremony, on Wednesday 20th September in Spalding, Lincolnshire. There was very good news – the whole village got a Gold award (86/100), same as 2021 and better than the Silver Gilt award of 2022. Special praise was given to The Greenspace, the riverside path in Hopping Mill Meadow and the gardens of Millers Way, and Kate Tuck, Chair of the Greenspace, got a Judges Award for her vision and hard work in making The Greenspace happen. Meanwhile, in all three of the individual categories entered (best commercial premises (Milford Social Club); best front garden (The Old Bike Shop on the A6) and best pub (The Holly Bush)) Gold awards were given too – so a clean sweep for Milford! It should also be mentioned that Belper got a Gold award too, and without the help of Belper Town Council neither Milford nor Belper would have got their awards.

Milford Community Greenspace – July update

Read the latest update here – follow the creation of the Peace Garden, preparations for East Midlands in Bloom judging and a write up of the successful Open Day on the 2nd July.

Painted lady butterflies being released into the Wildflower Garden

Open Day

Community History Day at Milford School on the 1st July

A day of activities at Milford School for visitors to discover the history of Milford school and the village was organised by the school, Belper Historical Society and volunteers from the Belper North Mill education team on the 1st July at the school. Proceeds from donations went towards the rebuilding of the stone wall bounding the playground.

Unveiling of the new Derwent Valley Mills plaque outside school.

Belper North Mill volunteer, Gary Johnston, showing children how the early school was run.

For more photos and details of the days events, see article here.

New Interpretation Panels and Information Points installed across Milford & Makeney

In a major new initiative by Derwent Valley Mills/Belper Historical Society (The Great Places Scheme Wayfaring Project) this June, you can now do your own historical tour round the village. All the old historical Interpretation Panels have been replaced with 5 new ones. 

New Interpretation Panel on The Triangle

In addition 10 Information Points have been added at sites of particular historical interest, indicated by red water wheels. At these points you can get more information on your phone using the QR code under the water wheel. You can also gain this information by looking at the website Milford – Derwent Valley Mills

Information Point at The Tower

A map of the location of all the Interpretation Panels and Information Points in Milford & Makeney can be found here

As part of this initiative, new information on the original use of The Tower on Sunny Hill has been included. Thought The Tower was built as a siting or semaphore tower? Think again! See here for details.

The Tower, Sunny Hill, Milford

Milford Mills Development – June news

Planning application for an indoor cricket facility on the site approved

Chevin Homes’ application (Go to Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) website here and insert this application number AVA/2022/0371), for an indoor cricket club to be built on the site, was considered by the planning board for Amber Valley on Monday 12th June 2023 and approved unanimously by the councillors of the board – in line with the planning officer’s recommendations. Three people spoke against the planning application:  Ruth Baker (Milford resident) spoke raising her concerns regarding noise, lack of privacy for the residents in the housing development, road safety and parking. Emma Roberts  (headteacher of Milford school) raised safeguarding concerns and parking, and Jamie Walls (local AVBC Councillor) talked about how many people in Milford had contacted him with their concerns and that Milford needed sports facilities for itself – not a niche facility for cricket.  John Fearnehaugh (Chevin Homes) spoke in favour and promised to install secure fencing at the rear of the school at Chevin Home’s expense in response to Emma’s safeguarding concerns.



Did Rod ‘Strutt’ his stuff in Milford?

Do you remember live music at the Strutt Arms in the 1960s?  It’s reported that Rod Stewart sang there.  Bryan Bennion has some choice memories of seeing Gary Farr – and even Alan Price of Simon Smith & The Amazing Dancing Bear fame.  Read more here
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