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Milford & Makeney May Day Parade date tentatively set

Although we are in the teeth of the latest wave of the coronavirus pandemic due to the Omicron variant, the organisers of the Milford and Makeney May Day Parade are hopeful, along with the rest of us, that we will be in a better place come May, and have tentatively set the date for the parade to be Saturday 7th May 2022.

Plans for the event are now being put into place and details will be posted here as they become available.  Assuming it goes ahead, this will be the first time we have had the parade since 2019, the last two being cancelled due to coronavirus. The parade is normally one of the highlights of the year for Milford & Makeney. Below is a selection of photos from 2019.

To whet your appetite further, more photos of previous May Day parades can be found here.

Winter gathering around GreenSpace fire pit a success

The first proper community gathering on the Milford Community GreenSpace on 19th December was a success, with over 30 attendees making the most of the newly installed fire pit.

For more details on how the day went, see the article here.

Milford Craft Club erect Christmas star decoration on The Triangle

Following on from their decoration of The War Memorial with scarlet poppies described below, Milford Craft Club’s next project has been the creation and erection of a spectacular Christmas star on The Triangle (see below).

The star replaces the usual illuminated snowman Christmas decoration and is by the Christmas tree. Go and have a look for yourselves!

Milford Craft Club would like to thank Belper Town Council , Fleet Arts , Milford Social Club and Tan Draig for their support of this project. The Star will be on display until the New Year.

For more information about Milford Craft Club, please see their web page here.

Roadworks on A6 in second week of December to result in large gap in spring daffodil display

Road works with temporary traffic lights were installed on the A6 between the Strutt Arms and the Derwent bridge on the second week in December 2021 by Severn Trent following evidence of sewage leaks. Unfortunately a side effect of the work undertaken will be a large gap in the nearby daffodil display, in spring 2022 at least. For more information and how the gap in the display will be fixed, see more detailed article here.

The New Inn reopens as The Palfrey on 4th December 2021

Extensive refurbishment of the former New Inn on Hopping Hill (car park on Derby Road/A6) has been taking place for the past 6 months. Passers by will have noticed the sand blasting and removal of old signage etc. to reveal the beautiful golden millstone of the original structure, and the tidying up and tarmacking of the car park. The inside has been extensively remodelled. The premises finally reopened, with a new name, The Palfrey, on 4th December. It promises “a unique and contemporary pub restaurant, where we aim to provide a relaxed and friendly environment for our customers.” More information and booking details can be found here.

Passers by will have also noticed the arches area below the main restaurant, for years blocked off and closed to the public, has been opened up. The Palfrey owners are hoping to open this soon as a real ale bar, also selling simple wholesome food (pork pies, fish and chips etc) to complement the more sophisticated fare of the main restaurant. A more detailed article can be found here, with more photos of the inside and outside, and a biography from Head Chef Daniel Cain and General Manager Tom Dempsey.

Fire pit completed on Milford Community GreenSpace

The creation of the fire pit after 4 months of work is a major achievement by the Community GreenSpace volunteers and we hope it will become a focal point for the Milford school children and the wider community in the future. For more details see the November GreenSpace update here, and it was also featured in an article in the Derby Evening Telegraph on 26th November 2021 here

Children having a Forest School class in the fire pit, with head teacher Cathy Kinsella and the GreenSpace committee

Milford Craft Group hard at work in the village

You may have noticed the beautiful knitted scarlet poppies around the war memorial – thanks to the hard work of Milford Craft Club.

New Welcome to Milford sign on the A6

Belper Town Council have updated the Welcome to Milford sign on the A6 near The Strutt Arms bus stop to reflect our gold award success in the East Midlands in Bloom competition, as shown below.

New planter installed by Blooming Milford near Children’s Play Area on A6

For this and other news from Blooming Milford over the past 2 months, see the update here.

Completed new planter filled with shade loving perennials

Milford Mills Development – latest news

For latest news on the progress of the redevelopment of this site, please see the article here.

East Midlands in Bloom – Milford gains gold award!

At the East Midlands in Bloom (EMiB) awards ceremony for 2021, held in Grimsby town hall on 22nd September, Milford gained a gold award in the mid sized village category. This is the highest level possible awarded by the EMiB judges and the village should be very proud. In addition, the judges gave a discretionary award to Milford Community GreenSpace. A great deal of effort by Milford residents, Blooming Milford, the GreenSpace volunteers, Belper Town Council and Amber Valley Borough Council was put into preparing the village for judging for the competition (see here), which took place on 12th July, and it has clearly paid off. The award certificate for the village will be framed and displayed in Milford Social Club and the judges comments and copies of the certificates can be found here.



The final service at Holy Trinity, Milford on Sunday, September 26th attracted over 60 worshippers.  the service, led by The Rev. Geoffrey Marshall – vicar of Holy Trinity 40 years ago – was a poignant celebration of over one hundred years of worship at this wonderful Strutt-built church in Milford. All the cakes were eaten, too.


Derwent Valley Cycleway meeting in The Holly Bush judged successful by organisers

A public information session by the organisers of the proposed Derwent Valley Cycleway, which will run through Milford and Makeney, was held in the Holly Bush on Sunday 8th August – see here for background detail of the project.

The meeting was deemed successful, with a largely positive response from the public. The proposed route has also been clarified as follows: enter the Chevin Homes Mill site from the A6, cross the river at the northern end (below the weir), at the north end of the Hopping Hill development it would cross back to the west bank and proceed north through the fields of Strutts Estate (farmed by Michael Jordan), under the railway bridge, then on to the water treatment works, continuing on the west bank up to Belper Mill, before joining Wyver Lane.


Milford Mill development – demolition approved subject to conditions

In February we described that the new owners of the Milford Mill complex, Chevin Homes, had put in a planning application to Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) to demolish the industrial buildings on the site by the end of 2021 in a detailed article here. Many of you will have noticed the Chevin Homes signs that have appeared on the site announcing the demolition. This was indeed approved on the 30th April 2021, but is subject to 66 planning conditions. FYI, these have now been added to the bottom of the original article. If you have any queries please contact AVBC or our local AVBC councillors  (details here.)

Milford Mill Complex


Milford Community GreenSpace to receive grant from Belper Town Council

The Community Greenspace, two allotments above the Holy Trinity Church on Hopping Hill developed since last summer as a green space for the children of Milford School as well as the whole community, was very pleased to receive a generous grant from Belper Town Council to improve the site further.

For details on what the plans are for the grant, and improvements to the site already made this month, please see the April GreenSpace newsletter here

Community orchard of 30 trees planted in Milford

Following a very generous grant from Belper Town Council to Blooming Milford, 30 fruit trees were purchased and on 17th April 2021 a dozen volunteers planted the trees in the Hopping Mill Meadow area. This brings the total number of community fruit trees in Milford to 35, the fruit from them is free for Milford & Makeney residents to pick and use. More details please see the article here.

       Milford to enter East Midlands in Bloom competition 

Milford is entering the East Midlands in Bloom (EMIB) competition again this year (last year’s competition was cancelled due to the coronavirus). Judging will take place sometime between the 5th and 16th July 2021. For more details of the competition, the route, and how you can be involved, see the article here. Below is a selection of photos of spring blooms in the village taken in the past couple of weeks, which will feature in the portfolio we will be submitting to EMIB beforehand.

Belper Town Council planter near the Just Ice Cafe

Forsythia and daffodils on The Triangle

New Blooming Milford Spring Garden, Hopping Mill Meadow

Triangle bulbs & flowers March 2021 with daffodils on A6 verge beyond

Hydroelectric power station in Milford is upgraded

Many of you may have noticed the cranes unloading strange looking equipment at the back of the Strutt Arms in September. This is a new hydro-electric turbine being installed by Derwent Hydro, replacing the old one dating from the 1930’s.

New turbine runner for Milford HEP plant being delivered September 2020

For more information on this upgrade, please see the article here.

Did Rod ‘Strutt’ his stuff in Milford?

Do you remember live music at the Strutt Arms in the 1960s?  It’s reported that Rod Stewart sang there.  Bryan Bennion has some choice memories of seeing Gary Farr – and even Alan Price of Simon Smith & The Amazing Dancing Bear fame.  Read more here
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