A Barn for All Seasons

Here’s an idea if you like where you live and enjoy photography: capture a fond scene from the same point each month and you end up with a fascinating sequence of images through the seasons.  Milford resident David Boardman took a photo of Grange Farm barn from his garden, liked the picture and a project was born.

As David says: ‘Fiona, my wife, and I both love the look of the barn and the way it changes appearance in different seasons and light. We once saw a barn owl looking out of the open window and the local cats often use it as a vantage point for hunting too.’

Various cameras were used to take the shots, mainly a Panasonic Lumix GX1.

As you would expect, the first photo in the gallery is January; the one to the right is February; and so on… and yes, that fourth image – column two on the right – is April, when there was an unexpected fall of snow, late in the month, too.


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