A6 Pedestrian Crossing – Decision soon

Road Crossing

The campaign for a pedestrian road crossing across the A6 near Milford Store and Angelo’s  is reaching its conclusion, with a final decision shortly to be made by the Cabinet Committee for Derbyshire County Council.

Milford & Makeney Community Group member Ruth Baker, who has been a tireless campaigner for this crossing, was accompanied by MMCG Chair Jeni Mobbs in what seemed to be an encouraging meeting with Derbyshire County Council Deputy Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport Andy Botham.  Armed with 250 signatures to the petition and 150 filled-in Public Consultation sheets  – thank you to everyone who supported this – Ruth and Jeni were able to show a 25% ‘return rate’ with 98% either ‘agreeing’ or ‘strongly agreeing’ that we needed a crossing.  A 25% return rate is considered very high, as 12% is considered a good return.

Cllr Botham seemed very supportive of the need for a crossing and will now present our request to the Cabinet committee which will then decide for or against.  As Ruth points out: ‘One problem is that this will be an expensive crossing, given the speed limit and that bus stops will need to be moved a short distance.  However, Cllr Botham did say that this crossing would only be a one-off cost.’

Another supporter of the crossing is our MP Pauline Latham who Ruth, Jenni and Abby (from Milford Store) met with in October.  Pauline recognised the need for a crossing and has since written a number of letters on our behalf; her support resulted in our request for the crossing to come before the Cabinet Committee.

There could be a further problem: Cllr Botham raised the issue of the crossing by the playground, pointing out that the village might have to lose it if we get the Milford Store crossing.  However, there would be much consultation on this – as regards cost, ‘perceived need’ and other factors – before a final decision was made.

We will keep you posted.


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