Milford Community GreenSpace


In July 2020 work began to create the Milford Community Green Space, from 2 allotments above the Holy Trinity Church on the A6, with the aim to provide a green area for the Milford School pupils during schooldays and, outside of school hours, a space for other community activities.

Green space volunteers hard at work, September 2020.

Very much a work in progress, in the last 6 months of 2020 an army of volunteer Milford residents  cleared mountains of undergrowth and lorry loads of rubbish from the site, built a sturdy entrance ladder and fence (materials provided by Belper Town Council (BTC)), laid bark chip paths and, with the help of the school children, planted fruit trees (also provided by BTC) and raspberries.


Raised vegetable beds

In 2021 facilities have been added to the site at a breathtaking pace, despite the lockdown, by volunteers working alone or as single households. Already by March a new shed, a wigwam, a children’s story telling area, a composting toilet and hand wash station, 3 raised vegetable beds, a water feature and children’s kitchen have been added. Forest School lessons are being undertaken on the space twice a week and, of course, the children from Milford School are using the space again now the school has reopened. In April 2021 a grant was received from Belper Town Council to improve the site further, including a fire pit, water storage facility, site stabilisation, native hedge and chickens.

Milford School children planting fruit trees in December 2020

A committee was formed in November 2020 to co-ordinate activities and move the project forward. They produce regular update newsletters, which are published on this site (here for October, here for December, here for January, here for March and here for April) and have a Facebook page, here.

New steps fabricated for the Green Space

We are still very keen for more volunteers to come and help with improvements of the site, the list of current projects is shown below.  Anyone interested in helping out please contact Kate on 07794268059, stating when you are available so that we can maintain social distancing.

Current Projects

  • Blaze a path through from the end corner of the site to the path through the allotments
  • Complete the work once the children have dug out the fire pit.
  • Excavate hole to put lower water storage tank into.
  • Make the chipped bark bins safe
  • Level the ground and install a water butt above top raised bed
  • Complete steps up to newly planted fruit trees
  • Continue to sort and burn the heap of dead vegetation
  • Complete steps up to newly planted fruit trees

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