MMCG’s Inaugural Meeting 2006



Following public & volunteer meetings in the village over last 5 or so months it was agreed to form a group to look at issues affecting the village & in particular the Milford Mills re-development


At A Public Meeting  19 Jan 2006

  • a constitution was agreed
  • a committee formed named the Milford & Makeney Community Group & met on 25 Jan
  • officers were agreed at that meeting & we should introduce ourselves to you before we get down to the presentations tonite


Officers & group introduce themselves


Thanks to Euan McWilliam for arranging tonight & to David Brookes for coming





Collected issues from residents & I’ll raise them & questions from the floor.


Use the opportunity to influence the scheme because we hope for a constructive & continuing dialogue about this development – whatever happens in the village has to be for the benefit of those of us who live here as well as the developers & other stakeholders. People really care about the heritage & quality of what happens here.








  • Should be adhered to –  retention of business
  • Some other business/workshop opportunity on the site
  • Work Pods aren’t it
  • Milford Mill not Notting Hill!




  • Tourist information Centre & signage It is Derwent Valley Mills corridor
  • Retain World Heritage Status
  • Exemplary design for new buildings –  better quality than Foundry Site
  • Scope for Parkland, River Walk & Bridge
  • Bell, Wall & Gates




  • River Walk
  • Shop/Post Office with Parking. Local shop preferred rather than Tesco Metro
  • Village Hall even if only space left for one. Other ways of raising funding to Build/kit it out DeFRA
  • 106 monies to Milford & Makeney!!




  • Concern over height & scale of buildings – 3 storey max – original mill at 4 storey demolished 40 yrs ago
  • Roof terraces on 4 storey impact on privacy of existing homes


  • 70 dwellings maximum – not 92 –


  • Affordable/social Housing element for older adults


  • Access to site. Traffic 2 cars per house Whatever Highways say practice is different to theory – 140 vehicles in & out at peak times


  • Appearance as at Fire Station site in Belper


  • Highest quality materials, workmanship & finish



  • Summary of tonight written up
  • Meeting of M&MCG Monday night to put together a response to David & Lathams
  • Belper News & DET interested in what’s happening
  • Talk to group members
  • We’ll be in touch