Amazing Aerial Photos of Milford

Milford from the Air 011Want to buy stunning aerial images of Milford?  In Ashley Franklin’s new Milford Calendar, there is an amazing shot of Milford taken in the air.

Craig Ibbotson - Milford 002Ashley would love to claim it as his own but it’s actually the work of Craig Ibbotson, a fellow pro photographer who has been studying and working with aerial photography for several years.

Craig Ibbotson - Milford 003Craig uses a camera fixed to a drone and is able to see the aerial images on a screen via a satellite connection.

You can view his 11 images in the gallery below.  As you’ll see, the quality is outstanding and quite awe-inspiring.  Just see how lush and verdant Milford appears.  Some images also show the great extensiveness of the mill complex.

AND… you can purchase these images as prints via Ashley Franklin’s website.  All sizes are available.  Click here to go to the site

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