Blooming Milford is back!

Blooming Milford has restarted its activities in the village now lockdown has been eased as hopefully residents will begin to notice.

We must take this opportunity to thank Belper Town Council (BTC) and Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) who have been very helpful and generous to us in our recent efforts.

As lockdown eased in May, individuals from Blooming Milford kept individually weeding The Triangle and the newly created Spring Garden to keep them tidy and Belper Town Council provided summer bedding for the bottom of The Triangle.

Belper Town Council bedding on The Triangle

Our first full meeting since the lockdown was held in the scorching sun at the end of June, socially distanced in the shade of David Moreton’s garden.

Socially distanced Blooming Milford meeting 25th June 2020 at Chevin Brae

A programme of work parties was then organised. First the information boards around the village were given a clean. Then the herb planters on The Triangle and in Hopping Mill Meadow at the south end of the riverside path were replenished – the compost refreshed and new plants bought. Note, these are provided for the residents of Milford & Makeney to use, so please feel free to do so. There are also established patches of fennel and rosemary in the ground on The Triangle you are free to use.

Replenished herb planters on The Triangle July 2020

Replenishing herb planters Hopping Mill Meadow July 2020

We noticed that the manger planters above the war memorial at the bottom of Hopping Hill were looking neglected so we worked with AVBC, who provided bedding and liners, and BTC who promised to water them, and completely refreshed these too.

Newly planted manger planters at bottom of Hopping Hill July 2020

Finally AVBC very kindly provided us with two large one cubic metre volume planters they had going spare. These have been placed just to the south of the southbound Strutt Arms bus stop on the A6 and by the Little Fallows car park at the southern end of Hopping Mill Meadow. Blooming Milford then added wicks, liners and compost and filled them with a wide selection of perennials bought from Hudson’s on Wirksworth Road. The perennials will not need to be replaced annually, so will offer sustainable colour for years to come. BTC has kindly offered to keep these planters watered.

If you would like to help Blooming Milford in its activities please e-mail David Moreton

New planter, southbound bus stop on the A6, July 2020

New planter, Little Fallows car park, July 2020

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