Blooming Milford – Report

Blooming Milford have been busy in February, clearing leaves from our bulb plantings round the bus shelter at the south end of Milford and the telephone box in the centre of the village.

It’s good to see our past plantings of daffodils on the verge between The Strutt and The William poised to come into flower, and the crocuses round the telephone box in full flower.

Meanwhile our previously planted verge at the north (Vicarage Road) end of the village has daffodils and crocuses in full bloom and looks really good this year.

We have also cleared the leaves from our wildflower garden in the corner at the bottom of the riverside path on the Hopping Mill Meadow development – note the primroses and wild daffodils already out.

Nearby you will have noticed one of our herb planters in a bit of a sorry state. This is because the drain has become blocked and it became waterlogged after all the winter rain. We have potted up the herbs and stored them in our gardens ready for more clement weather, when we’ll remove the remaining compost, unblock the drain, and replant.

If you’re still after herbs, there are some in the other riverside planter and there are plenty in the planters on The Triangle (sage, thyme, mint, chives & oregano.) On The Triangle there’s plenty to pick that we have planted in the ground too – there’s tons of sage, rosemary and bay. In the summer there will be fennel and parsley too at both sites.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you walk along the riverside path on the Hopping Mill Meadow development, you may have noticed the bird boxes we erected last year. There are six, and all were inhabited last year. Unfortunately, many fell off the trees in the winter, so we’ve re-erected them and strapped them on with wire. Additionally, you may have wondered what the odd box attached to the back wall of the office block is: this is our new sparrow terrace, hopefully encouraging these increasingly rare birds to nest.

Further along the path you may have noticed last year the patch that was planted with wildflower seed by the Millers Way residents and was a lovely splash of colour, especially the vivid blue cornflowers. Further on from that The Millers Way group planted in the autumn wildflower plants that been supplied by Blooming Milford and nurtured in our gardens over the summer. Hopefully these will look good in the summer this year. We’re planning to do the same this year, on twice the scale.

If you’d like to help Blooming Milford in our work, please contact David Moreton on 01332 843553 or 07778 004371, or buy plants from our stall at the May Fair in the school to contribute to our funds.

Finally, Chevin Brae will be opening its garden again for the Yellow Book scheme for charity, on Sunday 3rd April, 1-5 pm (see post on this website)

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