Blooming Milford Update May 2022

Most of our efforts in the last 3 months have been in the upkeep of the existing areas we look after and preparing for plant sales to boost our funds. After several rounds of splitting and potting up plants from our own gardens, and donations of plants from others in the village, we were left with a huge selection of over 200 plants – a record and a veritable garden centre, as can be seen below. This was ready for the plant sale at David Moreton’s house (Chevin Brae) as part of his National Garden Scheme open garden on 26th March.

Plants ready for sale on 26th March

Open garden Chevin Brae 26th March 

This was a great success, at 108 visitors, and the plant stall made £197, one of our best ever totals. Sadly, as a bitter counterpoint to this, on the same evening vandals attacked our community orchard closest to the weir in Hopping Mill Meadow, destroying all the supporting posts, snapping off tree branches and worst of all, snapping two of the trees in two.

Snapped fruit tree Hopping Mill Meadow orchard

We sawed down the posts and re-erected them, and in a vain attempt to save the trees, the two snapped ones were bound together with electric tape. To our very pleasant surprise, this surgery appears to have worked – the apple tree looks to have been revived completely, and the pear tree is at least alive. Having heard the news about the vandalism Belper Town Council very kindly have given us the funds to replace the pear, and the new tree has arrived.

Emergency surgery undertaken on fruit trees

Rejuvenated apple tree

New pear from Belper Town Council

Our bulb and spring flower plantings over the past 13 years are really beginning to make a difference now, as the pictures of them in bloom from February – April this year below show.

Spring Garden early March 2022

Spring Garden late April 2022

Spring Garden early March 2022

End of flats garden, Hopping Mill Meadow, March 2022

Strutt Arms verge on A6 March 2022

The Triangle early March 2022

                             The Triangle late March 2022

Children’s Play Area planter Feb 2022

           Children’s Play Area planter March 2022

Chilrden’s Play Area March 2022

Children’s Play Area February 2022

Over the past three months we have had several work parties tidying both our Spring Garden and The Triangle. The pictures below are from the most recent work party tidying The Triangle, on the 2nd May.

Finally, after 3 years of absence due to Covid, the school fair is returning as part of the Milford May Day celebrations on the 7th May, and our traditional plant stall will be there outside the front of the school, opening at 3pm. Stocks have been replenished from the 26th March sale, so come along to pick up some quality plants at just £2 each, and support our work in the village in the process. The picture below shows the plants ready to be transported to the school.

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