Cleared allotments available on Bridge View

The Bridge View Allotment Association has continued its programme of clearing overgrown allotments and offering them to new tenants (see here for details of last year’s clearance in February.)

This year the clearance took place over two days, 19th and 20th January. Over 20 volunteers were involved. On the first day they were mainly NHS non-medical staff, gathered by Jen Butters of the Milford Community Greenspace. On the second day they were mainly existing allotment holders.

The volunteers faced quite a daunting task – two large allotments, completely overgrown, with huge thickets of massive brambles with 2″ diameter stalks. Armed with loppers and strimmers, most of this was removed on the first day.

Overgrown allotments before clearance

Clearance starts

Clearance well underway

End of day 1 – allotments nearly cleared of overgrowth

On the second day the last of the overgrowth was removed and much of the debris raked up. Mattocks and spades were then wielded to clear the bigger roots. A greenhouse on the site was also cleared out of overgrowth and several fruit trees were found and released from the stranglehold of the brambles.

A large fire was set up to dispose of the debris over the two days. Interestingly, although attempts were made to start the fire with petrol, a far more effective accelerant turned out to be beeswax donated by Chris Ring from his beehives in an adjacent allotment!

The volunteers also lent a hand to Chris Ring to move a greenhouse on his allotment to a safer place.

Hot dogs cooked on a barbecue were provided for the hungry workers at lunch break on both days.

End of Day 2 – allotments completely cleared and starting to be dug over.

Now cleared, these two large allotments are going to be split into 4 plots and these offered to new tenants. If anyone is interested in renting one of these plots, please contact Carol Hawley by e-mail ( Note applicants must live within 5 miles of the former Holy Trinity Church at the bottom of the allotments.

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