They ‘Raised the Roof’ at Milford Church

02Thanks to new resident Gary Johnston for raising the roof to the tune of £2,000 through a successful concert at Trinity Church.

Gary, who lives on Hopping Hill East Terrace, hears the church bells every Sunday and when a flyer about the church’s appeal for funds came through his letterbox, he decided to help.  The outcome was a concert featuring a group of talented friends of Gary who perform under the banner of Starving for Art.  

Joe Rock  [27.4.12]‘I have felt such great community spirit since I moved into the village two years ago,’ says Gary, ‘and I felt we owed it to the memories of the people working at the Mill who built the Church to make a success of this concert, allowing the church to continue being a place of worship, servicing the community.’

Photos of the concert can be seen below…

Gary is already thinking about a further fund-raising concert, so watch this space.


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