Does anyone know of a Walter Hallsworth?

Does anyone know of Able Seaman Walter Hallsworth, born in Milford, who was the son of Walter and Laura Hallsworth? He died at sea on 15 March 1944 after his ship was sunk by the Germans. A Dutchman, John Heideman, who is researching this sinking and writing a book to honour those who lost their lives, has contacted me asking for more information, his letter is below. If you have any information for John please contact me ( and I’ll pass it on.
“Dear Mr/Mrs,
In the evening of 15 march 1944 around 19.30h M.T.B 417 left the harbour of Ramsgate to intercept German navy ships in front of the French coast near Calais and Boulogne.
At 20.30h the M.T.B.417, together with 3 other M.T.B.’s , draw heavy enemy fire from the French coast and made contact with German M.T.B.’s.
Within half an hour the M.T.B. 417 was sunk by the German ships. There were no survivors.
From the 18 men on board only 5 washed upon the shore of Belgium and Holland. 13 Men are still missing in action.
One of the five men was 21 year old Dennis Edward Burrin. He washed upon the shore of Castricum, The Netherlands. He is buried at Castricum cemetery.
I am writing a book about my hometown Castricum in WW2. The book will be about the 72 men that washed upon the shore of Castricum during five years of war.
One of the 18 men that died on the evening of 15 march 1944 was Able Seaman Walter Hallsworth. He was born in Milford, Derbyshire. He was the son of Walter and Laura Hallsworth. I want to honour Walter and his crew in my book. They gave their young lives for our freedom. They will never be forgotten.
I am looking for more information about Hallsworth and maybe there is a photograph of him.
The body of Hallsworth never washed upon a shore, he is still missing in action. His name is mentioned on the Portsmouth Navel Memorial.
Hopefully you are able to help me a little bit further with my research.
Kind regards,
John Heideman
Bovenweg 8
1834CE St. Pancras
The Netherlands”
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