Flagging up Milford

Thanks to Milford resident Annie Turnbull for sending in the artwork of a young neighbour of hers, 5 year old Robyn, who has designed her own flag for the village.

We’re told that Robyn’s design came out of a conversation in the family home about Milford and what makes the village special.

Each of the colours in the flag has a meaning.  Purple represents industry, Red represents the A6, Green represents the fields, while Blue represents the river.

In the meantime, our Webmaster Ashley is making enquiries to see if Milford’s flag (below) can be made official.

When a resident of Cromford recently tweeted to say that Cromford had the only village flag in Derbyshire, Ashley responded by pointing out that Milford has long had its own flag.

However, Cromford’s is the only official one, having been registered by the Flag Institute.  Ashley is now in touch with the Flag Institute to see if we can get our flag registered.

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