Grey Bins

We hope you remembered to put your new Grey bin out this week as the council starts its updated recycling service…

The Grey recycling bin replaces the old orange and yellow boxes with separate bags for paper and cardboard.  The council says the new scheme should make recycling easier as card, paper, tins, foil and plastic cartons (type 1 & 2 only) can be thrown into the main bin together.   Glass goes in the ‘caddy’ inside the bin – this can also be placed at the side of the large bin if you need more room.

Amber Valley is offering  plastic recycling for the first time to bring it into line with most other councils.   You do need to check the type of plastic – look on the bottom of the cartons and you’ll see triangles with numbers in them.   This tells you the type of plastic used and only 1 and 2 are generally accepted.

For more information on recycling go to the council’s own website or have a look at this useful guide on Recycle Now’s website.

What do you think of the new service?  Some residents have complained they don’t have room to store another large bin.   Will this service help you recycle more household waste?


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