Maypole Promotions

Images from May Day 2012

Maypole Promotions was formally set up in 1996 to promote cultural and community events in Milford and Makeney but we have been working together since we began organising Milford May Day over 30 years ago.  And it needs some organising!  it may look as if it’s just a matter of turning up in fancy clothes and going on a pub crawl.  In fact, we have to liaise with venues and other community groups, discuss new ideas, book performers, plan the route, sort out insurance, notify the police, check health and safety issues as well as find enough money to cover these costs, as all the money collected en route – and at the Well Dressings – goes to local charity Aquabox.

Every now and again we have put on other events: craft fairs, plays, pantomimes, puppet shows, horticultural shows, ceilidhs, concerts, bonfires, photographic exhibitions – notably the Millennium Snapshot – as well as workshops for well dressing, script writing and local history.

Our next project will be Milford May Day 2016 – the 20th anniversary of Maypole.

We have also produced two books:

Milford and Makeney Milestonesa compilation of local memories.

– Samuel Slater – Hero or Traitor? Illustrated local history research material associated with our film of the same title.








Spinning down the Derwent the story of the 18th century entrepreneurs in Derbyshire’s Derwent Valley – Arkwright, Strutt, Lombe and Sorocold, names synonymous with invention, enterprise and energy.  Locally-born actress Gwen Taylor stars as the matriarch of a Belper family of 200 years ago.

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