Milford in the Spring

Milford - Spring 002Spring can be said to have definitely arrived on Friday, April 10 with blue skies, warm sunshine and the Milford daffodils in full bloom.

To celebrate, webmaster Ashley decided it was time to capture an image for the April page of next year’s Milford & Makeney Calendar.

Milford - Spring 003This led to several images (see below) which show what a wonderful job Milford in Bloom is doing.

Milford - Spring 007While Ashley sat beside the daffodils, waiting for a cyclist to capture in his image, a blur of red came by.

Ashley quickly panned his camera and just caught the back end of a vintage London bus.

It was the Number 12 to Camberwell Green, so it was clearly lost.  In fact, two identical buses rolled by.  Were they on their way to a vintage transport event somewhere in Derbyshire?




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