Milford Mills Development – A Summary

Wondering what the Mill development is all about?  Alan Foord of the MMCG – Milford & Makeney Community Group – has helpfully summarised the main points of the 27 pages which explain the proposed development.

The numbers used refer to the paragraphs in the letter

  1. The developer has 5 years to complete the scheme

19 – 27 . The former Dye House shall be fully converted and ready for occupation within an early phase of the development

Detailed instruction as to how the building is to be renovated

47/48.  Written scheme of archaeological work to be submitted prior to any development or demolition

If anything of national importance is revealed the developer has to submit how these elements can be preserved

52/53.   Preservation of wildlife and habitats to be agreed with the Wildlife Trust and Natural England

54+64.  Exclusion zone to be made around the old footbridge area at the 54+North end of the site and the construction and maintenance of an artificial Otter Holt to be implemented

(Therefore no new Footbridge)

60. The developer must show that they have explored the opportunity to supply energy to the site from renewable sources ( wind turbines/ solar/ground and air source heat pumps etc)

Note 11 The developer must produce regular Newsletters detailing the construction timetable approximately every 6 weeks during the construction phases

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