Milford Mills development update

The saga of the redevelopment of the Milford Mills site on the A6 in the centre of Milford has been reported many times on this website – see here for the last summary. The latest developers, Chevin Homes, took over the site at the turn of the year and began demolition of the more modern warehouses in May (the stone structures fronting the A6 (The Pattern House) and the chimney are listed and will not be demolished). Residents may have noticed that this demolition seems to have been going at a slow pace – this is mainly due to the large amount of asbestos that has been found on the site and the slow and careful way that this has had to be removed for safety reasons. This asbestos removal is now complete.

Following recent discussions with Chevin Homes, they have revealed that they expect to see two further 50 ton excavators on site in the coming week (or so) and now the removal of internal asbestos is finished they should start to make rapid progress to demolish the remainder of the site. Once the buildings are down, they will dig up all the concrete, which will be crushed on site (that’s a noisy job!) and then taken off site for recycling, as it will not be used in the new build. They say the aim is to finish demolition works by 29th October. All being well, with regard to planning, Chevin Homes aim to commence building in Spring 2022 and anticipate a two year building programme.

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