Milford plays its part in Belper Apple Day celebrations

As part of the Belper Apple Day on 16th October Milford did its own children’s Apple Day celebration on the Community Greenspace on the 15th. The weather was pleasant, and a good time was had by all, as can be seen in the photos below. There were many activities – carving apple faces adding cinnamon and cooking them in the fire pit, crab apple rolling, and apple carving to produce decorations to bring to the Belper Apple Day. People were also encouraged to take Greenspace apples away with them and do baking to bring to the Belper Apple Day.

The Greenspace chickens also took part in the crab apple challenge!

On Belper Apple Day itself Milford had a big presence; 9 of the 30 different apple baked pies and cakes for sale for Transition Belper funds came from Milford (including several made from Greenspace apples), the Milford children’s apple carving decorations were on prominent display, and Jane & Paul Whitaker of Milford ran the apple juicing display.

Nearly a third of the pies and cakes for sale at Belper Apple Day came from Milford

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