Milford’s Snowman stolen

The festive spirit in our community has been blighted by the senseless theft of the illuminated snowman that came to cheer everyone who saw it, not least all the drivers on the A6.  Erected by Belper Town Council at a cost of £120, it was stolen sometime in the early hours of Tuesday, December 20th.  The theft was clearly not done on a whim as the snowman was deliberately positioned in the garden area of the Triangle to make it hard to get to AND it was weighted down.
If anyone has any information or saw anything please contact Belper Town Council on 01773 822116.  A Belper man – Ben Miller – has launched an appeal on Facebook.  Ben, who sits on Belper Town Council said: ‘It looked lovely and really made the area look and feel like Christmas. The Milford Corner is a great little community area for people to sit and watch the world go by. And it really looked brilliant with it being Christmas. It was part of an area that was bringing people together. When I was told somebody had decided to steal it I was very angry and disgusted. Why an earth would anybody want to take it?’
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