Mystery of the Garden Roller

The crest on the roller

The crest on the roller

The words ‘George Jobson, Milford’ have been found on a recently unearthed garden roller. Is it connected to a George Jobson from this village?

Doug Human, Senior Coach to the Bowmen of Danesfield in Somerset, contacted the Milford & Makeney webmaster to say that he had discovered a garden roller buried in his garden.  The roller has inscribed the words ‘George Jobson, Milford.’

As he writes: ‘It has a lovely crest on it and I wish to paint it back to its former glory.  Was George a member of your village?’

A note about the crest: there is an ‘M’ on the top left, with what looks like an ‘O’ top right, and an ‘S’ underneath in the middle.

Latest: Alan from Milford has been in touch to say this: ‘The only reference I have found that is anything close to solving the question is that George Jobson ‘Marple’ owned Thornbridge Hall in the North of the County which he owned between 1896 until he died in 1929′  So, does the name on the roller say ‘Marple’ rather than ‘Milford’?  We have contacted Doug to ask for a photo of the name as inscribed on the roller.

If you can shed any light on this, please contact the webmaster

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