A6 crossing finally approved

Road Crossing

Success!  The much-needed pedestrian crossing across the A6 by Angelo’s will be in place early in the New Year.

It was three and a half years ago that a petition was launched and those who have campaigned for this crossing might have wondered if we would ever see it happen, especially as the closure of Milford’s Village Shop might have precluded the go-ahead from Derbyshire County Council.

However, the main thrust of the campaign was the fact that there are no pedestrian crossings on the A6 in the 1.5 mile stretch from the crossing by Milford playground to Babington Hospital in Belper.  Also, even without Milford Village Shop open, this site is still an obvious place to put a crossing with pedestrians needing to cross from the adjacent Foundry site to catch the bus, use the post box, or visit the New Inn, and residents from Hopping Hill/Shaw Lane coming down the steps by the New Inn to catch buses into Belper/Matlock/Ripley.

Furthermore, the speed limit by Milford Village Shop is 40 mph and many cars exceed this. The new crossing will greatly reduce the risk of a pedestrian being injured or killed, plus would act as a traffic calming measure through the village.

The pedestrian crossing will be installed in January or February of next year.






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