Six New Bird Boxes and a Pear of Trees

‘It may be winter outside, but the Blooming Milford team have been hard at work since Christmas’ says member David Moreton.  ‘We’ve replaced a dead plum tree on The Triangle with a Williams pear. We now have 2 pear trees and two apple trees for everyone to pick in the autumn.

We’ve cleared all our previously cultivated areas of leaves to better show off the bulbs. You can already see the snowdrops in our wild flower garden by the herb planters on the riverside walk, on The Triangle, and in the children’s play area.

We’ve also been “planting” RSPB bird boxes, purchased from our funds, on trees by the riverside (see below). They have to be sited by February because now is the time the birds are pairing up and looking for homes. There are a total of 6 – see if you can spot them all.’

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