Milford Telephone Box in Bloom

Phone box garden 2There is now a small garden around our phone box on the A6.  Following the takeover of that phone box by the MMCG (Milford & Makeney Community Group) and subsequent impressive repainting, the MMCG asked Blooming Milford to enhance the area even further by making a small garden around the box. This we have done – see the photos here.

This took two sessions. The first involved removing weeds, sawing down branches and roots, removing soil from the footpath, and turning over the soil (and removing loads of buried stones and concrete in the process). We were pleasantly surprised to note the remaining soil looked quite good and therefore should sustain plants well.

Phone box garden 1The second session involved fixing kerbstones to stop soil from spilling onto the footpath, laying down kerbstones to allow access round the box, planting up the garden with plants and bulbs, and finishing off with a deep mulch of homemade compost.

The plants and bulbs were mainly bought using our plant sale funds, supplemented with some cuttings from our gardens. We hope they will give all year round interest. For example the bulbs include 100 giant crocuses (Feb-Mar flowering), 100 Ice Follies daffodils (Mar-Apr flowering), 100 Appledoorn tulips (Apr-May flowering) and 15 Himalayan Giant alliums (May – July flowering.)

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