Transition Belper home energy advice service

As temperatures drop and we move into “mid-winter”, our energy bills are rising even without the uplift in the energy price cap of 5% which came into force on 1 January. But this period is the ideal time to spot areas of avoidable heat loss in the home with the help of thermal imaging. In cold weather, poorly sealed doors and windows, and areas of insufficient insulation, show up clearly.

Transition Belper’s energy advice and thermal imaging service is free to use for anyone living within 5 miles of Belper centre. We have recently been awarded £500 from Derbyshire’s Green Entrepreneurs fund to train in the interpretation of thermal images, and help us provide a more expert service.  Apart from this, we are all self-taught from working on our own properties, and our main strengths are in identifying and addressing areas of avoidable heat loss, and in renewable energy. In visiting your property, we start with your particular situation and concerns, and adapt our approach accordingly.  We work closely with Warmer Derby and Derbyshire who have particular expertise in working with people in fuel poverty, and can refer you on to other more specialist sources of advice if needed. Please note Transition Belper is a charity and has no vested interest in selling a particular solution and will offer genuinely independent advice.

For further details, and/or to book a visit, contact Chris Ring (Project Lead) at

Thermal imaging showing the value of including the hatch in your loft insulation to avoid that precious heat escaping

Uninsulated hatch

Insulated hatch


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