Village gears up for East Midlands in Bloom judging day on 5th July

As in 2021 and 2022 Milford has entered the East Midlands in Bloom (EMIB) competition and this year is being judged on Wednesday 5th July. Hopefully you will have noticed an improvement in the tidiness of the village as Blooming Milford, Milford Community Greenspace, Belper Town Council and many private properties gear up for the day.

Milford Social Club July 2023

The judges will be hosted at Milford Social Club then driven to the War Memorial on the A6/Hopping Hill junction, taken up Church Steps to the Milford Community Greenspace, retrace their steps then cross the A6 and then walk up the A6 to the entrance of the riverside path in Hopping Mill Meadow. They will then follow the riverside path up to the ramp that leads up to Millers Way, just below the Riverside Office Park, and then follow Millers Way north to its end. The judges will then be driven to see The Old Bike Shop on the A6, The Holly Bush, and Milford Social Club, who have all entered for Floral Awards.

The Old Bike Shop, A6

Blooming Milford and Belper Town Council met and have co-ordinated their tidying and planting efforts closely around the village – not just along the judging route.

Blooming Milford and Belper Town Council Outdoor Team meeting at The War Memorial

Blooming Milford have tidied the pavements and kerbs on Chevin Road from the Social Club to the A6 and then the A6 from Chevin Road to the entrance of the Milford Mills development. Belper Town Council tidied the entrance to the Milford Mills development and also provided the planters there, the hanging basket high up on the Dye House and all the planting at the front of The Triangle. Blooming Milford have tidied the rest of The Triangle. Belper Town Council provided all the hanging baskets along the front of The Children’s Play Area on the A6.

BTC planter, entrance of Milford Mills

BTC planting along front of The Triangle

BTC basket high up on Dye House wall

BTC hanging baskets in front of the Children’s Play Area on the A6

Moving onto the judging route proper, Belper Town Council have steam cleaned the war memorial, tidied all around it and provided all the tubs and planters. They have also cleared the pavement in front of the Holy Trinity Church and up Church Steps.

War Memorial, steam cleaned, tidied and with planters from BTC

The Greenspace volunteers have worked hard over the last month to tidy their space and also create a Peace Garden near the entrance. Their efforts are described in more detail in their July update report here.

Greenspace volunteers hard at work tidying the site

Back to the route, the A6 from the War Memorial to the riverside path was tidied by Blooming Milford, who have also tidied their Spring Garden, and all along the riverside path, including their Spring Garden and mowing all round their fruit trees. They have also filled gaps in their Autumn Garden with new plants and leafleted all the houses along Millers Way on the judging route.

Autumn Garden July 2023

Grass cut round orchard trees

Away from the route, Blooming Milford have also filled gaps with new plants in their planters at Little Fallows, the Children’s Play Area pelican crossing and the Strutt Arms bus stop. Belper Town Council have also provided a tiered planter near the Old Co-op.

Blooming Milford planter, Little Fallows

BTC Tiered planter by old co-op on A6

It is hoped that all these efforts will have made Milford more attractive for its residents this year, whatever award is received from EMIB.



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