Volunteers needed to create green space for Milford School

Volunteers are needed to convert two of the allotments off West Terrace into a green space for Milford School.

The plan is to create a space that is safe enough for the children to come and visit in September; they could be involved in planning what they would like at the site. The teachers have requested a wooded area to be able to sit/play in, a grassed area with seating – such as logs or other natural materials for story time/lessons. There will also be areas for forest school activities including a fire pit.

The following sessions have been planned to continue to clear the area.

Sunday 16th August 9am-1pm

Sunday 30th August 9am-1pm

The idea is that people can come along on any dates they are able to make and give what time they have; there is no expectation for people helping out for the full four hours, any time that can be given will help, so half an hour or an hour will be much appreciated. The location is the footpath that runs through the allotments behind the Holy Trinity church, between Hopping Hill and West Terrace. If you want to come and help out at any other time you’re welcome – just contact Kate Tuck (see below).

Please be aware that accessing the site involves standing on a footstool, putting your leg up onto the footpath handrail and then hoisting yourself over the wall. Due to the vegetation, it is tricky to see where you are stepping, there are hidden hollows and good footwear is essential. Due to the brambles and biting insects, long sleeved tops and long trousers are recommended. Any tools to cut back brambles and ivy would be useful,  as are tools for digging up weed roots. Work gloves would be good and your own drinks and snacks.

If your children want to come along that should be fine but please be aware that people will be using tools, and all the risks mentioned above. Any work carried out is at your own risk; it is assumed that you will assess the risks yourself. Obviously we need to social distance, but we will need to be spaced out for using cutting tools anyway.

If anyone has any skills they feel will help the green space please let the organiser Kate Tuck 07794268059 know, for example filling out grant applications to help equip the space, creative ideas on how to use the space and how to include the community, skills in making resources, such as log seating, for the area. If anyone is willing to form a team to run the site – organise maintenance, planting, activities etc., then again, please let Kate know.

Two clearing sessions have already taken place on Sundays 26th July and 2nd August from 9am to 1pm. The area was terribly overgrown and was cloaked in a tangled mass of ivy and brambles up to 6 feet thick. Despite this, armed with a brush cutter, loppers and shears, in the first session six volunteers were able to make good inroads in the area, as can be seen from the photos.

Allotments before and after clearance July 2020

Volunteers at work clearing allotments July 2020

Buried under yards of ivy a large fibre glass shed and a children’s swing were unearthed, which should prove  useful in the future.
In the second session another 6 volunteers continued the clearance, this time making great use of Howard Morris and his chainsaw, to hack back branches and undergrowth. Another 3 yards of useable land all along the edge of the site was uncovered, and we finally found the perimeter of the site before it slopes very steeply down to the church. A great deal of rubbish was uncovered and put into a pile which will have to be taken to the dump.
Finally, here is a selection of the quirkier finds amongst the rubbish…

Quirkier finds during allotment clearance July 2020

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