Want to join Makeney Morris?

Milford May Day 2015 105Makeney Morris, who made their debut at Milford May Day Celebrations this year, are a recently formed group who – from this September – are looking for new members, both dancers and musicians.

If you want to get in touch with them to express an interest, email them at makeneymorris.bagman@gmail.com

I would recommend you check out their website – http://www.makeneymorris.org.uk/

Here you will get a sense of a terrific bunch of people with a love for what they do and a sense of humour which really comes over in their text. Here is an example:

Milford May Day 2015 077‘There is one thing that seems to surprise people about us more than anything else. It isn’t the black kit, the mixed side or the ‘tweaking’ of traditions. It isn’t our social media presence or how high we can jump.

It’s our age.

You see, amidst a swathe of declarations that Morris Dancing is in decline and that young people aren’t interested, we formed a side with an average age of 28.’

And why are they dressed in orange, black and white?  Here’s the answer… it’s all to do with a reflection of the history of the area:

‘Black for the coal that was mined, Orange for the furnaces of industry and White for the cotton from the Mills.’

Milford May Day 2015 043


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