Wanted – your photos of Milford & Makeney

Here are some more photos taken in the last week of December when fog’n’frost came to Milford & Makeney.  With many thanks to Sarah Stanton Longdon from Sunny Hill.  Are you, like Sarah, a keen snapper of our village?  If so, our Webmaster Ashley would love to publish your photos here on the website.

As the great Derbyshire historian Roy Christian once observed, Milford ‘has a rarity value as a sort of living museum of industrial housing.’  Since then, we have become even more significant in being granted a World Heritage Site status.  This is also where the Derwent Valley first rises and, from either side of the valley, one beholds green fields and thickly wooded trees, a reminder of the great expanse that was once the Royal hunting grounds of Duffield Frith.

Because of Milford & Makeney’s history, our Webmaster Ashley is keen to devote a gallery of photos which show the Milford & Makeney of old with, hopefully, these photos evoking memories and discussion.

Furthermore, it’s hoped that another gallery – of contemporary images – will take the website visitor on a tour of Milford and Makeney.  This way we will build up a permanent archive of our community.

If you have any photos – old or new – please send them to Ashley at  webmaster@milford-makeney.org identifying the photos as clearly as possible.  Don’t make the files big – a low resolution j-peg will be sufficient. If you do not have the means to scan old prints/postcards, Ashley could do this for you.

Please note that you will receive an email stating that your photos will only be used on this website.

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